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  • Are website hosting fees included in the subscription plans?
  • What is included in the setup fee?
    The setup fee comes with a custom logo, mobile friendly and responsive website design, contact form, search engine optimization (SEO), Google Search Console, Google Business Profile, website training, AI Blog training, and 2 social media integrations from your already established social media platforms.
  • Who is the web hosting company?
  • Can I use a domain I already own?
  • Who owns the site in the subscription plans?
    You own the site.
  • What is your subscription cancellation and refund policy?
    When you subscribe to any AWMS plan, your subscription will automatically renew, and you will be charged at the start of each billing cycle. You must cancel your subscription before the end of your current billing cycle to avoid being charged for the following billing period. Subscriptions Cancellation: When you cancel your subscription, your AWMS will remain in service until the end of the billing period.
  • Can I keep my website if I cancel my subscription?
  • What is a social media integration?
    Social media integration on a website refers to the process of incorporating social media tools and features into the website's design and functionality. This integration allows visitors to interact with social media platforms directly from the website.
  • What is "Social Media Engagement"?
    Social Media Engagement includes: 3 interesting & relative posts per channel per week Standard monthly reporting
  • What is Stealth Webinar?
    Run pre-recorded webinars as if they are live events to leverage time and generate automated income.


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